Progressive mountain bike coaching run by highly qualified coaches.

Guided rides and weekend mini adventures in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Wales where we do all the sorting so you can focus on the pedalling.

Why Beyond The Mud?

Mountain Bike Coaching

We tend to spend a small fortune on kit, losing a few grams here and there to ‘improve’ our riding. For less than the price of a carbon handle bar you could improve your skills through coaching. Join us for personalised coaching in small groups, to move your mountain bike skills to the next level. We use video analysis to increase your learning and give faster results.


Regular Pilates can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. For sports, including cycling, running, swimming and golf Pilates can complement training by developing whole-body strength, flexibility and help reduce the risk of injury.

Mountain Bike Guiding

Immerse yourself in singletrack and enjoy a two wheeled adventure. Our qualified and experienced guides will take you to the best singletrack spots in the Surrey Hills, South Downs, Wales, Peak District and the Pyrenees. Make the most of every day, soak up the trails, mountains, forests and nature in the hands of the best professionals.

Featured Experiences

What our customers say?

Owen Orton

I recently took part in a weekend session with beyond the Mud and a guided Marmalade MTB tour (with Beyond The Mud Coaching). I think I am a proficient mountain biker with dubious fitness levels. Hannah effectively coached a group of us with all abilities without...

Mark Bennett

I have just had an amazing couple of days on Beyond the Mud's Mountain Bike Coaching Weekend in the Surrey Hills. One day of Hannah's excellent coaching that catered for all levels of ability and a second day of superb guided riding provided by Paul of Marmalade MTB....


What a great weekend thank you Hannah for specially helping me. I do feel much more confident now!!! And thanks to Paul who helped to set up my bike and guiding me. What a lovely bunch of people on the course.Thanks for your help and encouragement, guys, when I was...


Hannah gave two one to one half day sessions with my son Max (16yrs ). He said “It was really good fun, hard work with a great work/reward ratio. Hannah is a very engaging coach, who made good trail choices in a great location. (QECP). It was a good balance between up...

Jennifer Machin

Wanted to say thanks so much for Saturday lesson, Noelle LOVED it and so much more excited about riding her bike now, super.

Shana Howard

My 11-year-old son Oscar and his friend had a fantastic day of mountain bike coaching with Hannah and came back with enormous smiles on their faces, excited by everything they had learnt.  For me it was hugely reassuring to know that their dare devil tendencies were...

Pete Jary

My 8 year old son loved his 2 lessons, he had so much fun and learnt a lot new things. Now even more confident on the trails. Thank you Hannah.

Ian Mcllroy

Me and my wife just had a fantastic 2 hour mountain bike skills coaching session with Hannah. We learned so much that is going to help our riding - both ability wise and confidence. Now it's time to practice! When we have fully mastered the skills we will no doubt be...

Laura Kenyon

I had a really great weekend on the mountain bike coaching in the South Downs course, learnt a lot and was a lot of fun. Thank you! Just booked onto the Surrey Hills weekend!

Emyr Griffithis

I have been going to Pilates with Hannah for a number of weeks now and have been very impressed with the classes. Hannah pays a lot of attention to the class members to ensure they are doing exercises correctly and get the maximum benefit. Its certainly helped with my...


Boost Your Well-being with Cycling

Boost Your Well-being with Cycling

Mountain biking is an excellent form of exercise that offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. Here are some reasons why, we think, you should try mountain biking: Physical Benefits: Cardiovascular Fitness: Mountain biking is an intense aerobic activity...

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Milland Enduro by Demi

Milland Enduro by Demi

Southern Enduro, Milland Race Report by Demi It was a super wet, cold, loose and muddy day. The trails are super fun at Milland but I struggle with riding in wet/loose conditions. I also need new tyres! Practice was cold with a couple of hard falls and I didn’t have a...

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Matterley Peddlehound race 5/5/24

Matterley Peddlehound race 5/5/24

We arrived at the race 1.5hrs early so that we were able to walk stages 1,2 and half of 3.  I appreciated the chance to see the stages as there were no practices runs for this race. As I was in the queue for the start of the race I was feeling really excited to get...

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