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Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on using both the mind and body to achieve optimum performance. The deep stabilizing muscles of the body (core muscles) are conditioned and strengthened using sequences of movements that use gravity, body weight and specially designed equipment as forms of resistance. The connection between the mind and body is crucial to Pilates. Pilates trains the mind to maintain a constant level of awareness of the way the body moves. This results in a greater control of motion and vastly improved technique.


Thursday 6th September – 1st November (Please note no classes 27th Sep and 18th, 25th October) 17.55 – 18.55 and 19:05 – 20:05 West Stoke Village Hall, Downs Road, PO18 9BQ

Friday 5th October – 23rd November 06.30 – 07.30 Westbourne Social Club, PO10 8TG (5 week course £50)

Friday 5th October – 23rd November 09.30 – 10.30 (please note no classes the 19th – 26th October) 09.30 – 10.30 Cowplain Activity Centre, Waterlooville PO8 8EH

Price for all six week courses
£57 per six week block

To book contact Hannah

If you are interested in Pilates but cannot make this course please get in touch.

Why Pilates Works?

Pilates focuses on the ‘inner core’ of our bodies, developing strength from the innermost structures and works outwards. Rather than working our bodies through muscle isolation, Pilates focuses on posture, strength, mobility and flexibility from head to toe, moving the body in complete flowing movements, not isolated parts.

I offer a range of group sessions to accommodate all levels and abilities. In these classes my approach is hands-on, with the technique of each movement the key focus allowing you to really understand how to move correctly. Class numbers are kept small so that you receive individual attention and make the greatest gains.

I have first-hand experience of how good Pilates can be for you; in 2011 I spent 7 months on my sofa with an annular tear in two disks in my lumbar spine. After an MRI confirmed what was wrong Pilates was prescribed and over time I went from not being able to walk to the shops to competing in mountain bike races within the year. My aim is to help you learn how to use your body more effectively during everyday life and also in line with any sports or hobbies you may have from cycling, golf, gardening and dancing.

Doing Pilates now will help you in all stages of your life.