We arrived at the race 1.5hrs early so that we were able to walk stages 1,2 and half of 3.  I appreciated the chance to see the stages as there were no practices runs for this race.

As I was in the queue for the start of the race I was feeling really excited to get riding and have a great time.

I was set off to start on stage 2 and told myself to take it easy on the first run.

My first run on stage 2 set off to a good start with a decent pace, the track was good but not ridden in yet so was tricky to work out lines therefore on an off camber turn I went out wide and lost some time.  The second run was faster.

The subsequent runs on stage 1 went well, the track had been better ridden in so line choice was easier.  I was able to set a good time for both of the runs.

Stage 3 was next the first corner was looser than I expected so front wheel slid out but I saved it with my foot down.  A sandy berm caught me off guard but I managed to stay on track.  The rest of the run was fast.

I was flying in the second run until I caught up with another rider which cost a couple of seconds.  I was able to pick up the pace once I passed them.

Stage 5 was next, I really enjoyed it as it was a mix of flow and tech on both runs I got a good start, then was able to keep the pace throughout the whole run.  Both runs were consistent.

Stage 4 was last, it went well, I pushed as hard as I could.  It was another nice track.

I ran a couple of re runs on stages 1&2 to try and improve my time, happy to have made my way to 4th position.  A great day riding.