Intermediate mountain bike camps for kids


For young mountain bikers who already ride on blue singletrack trails. We will help them build their singletrack mountain bike skills like cornering, front wheel lifts and tackling trail obstacles on varied terrain.

Our coaching follows the International Trail Ability Grading framework (or ITAG for short!) Children will work towards a grade criteria. Upon meeting the criteria they will be awarded a coloured Paracord Bracelet which indicates their ability and skill level should they go to other coaching session. The Framework is geared around the skills required for each band of trail and is a valuable tool for inexperienced riders to gauge whether they’re ready for the next big challenge!

All camps suitable for over 8’s who are already competent on their bikes off-road on blue and some red trails. Check out our beginner camps if this is your first time on singletrack or your child is under 7.

Starting from Juniper Car Park at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Horndean * Please note parking is not included you have 20 minutes free to drop off and pick up.


Intermediate Mountain Bike Kids Camps

Join the Beyond the Mud bike school for young cyclists who want to get off-road on their bikes and have adventures on singletrack. These cycling camps will build mountain bike skills for red graded trails. Some of the things your children may learn are wheel lifts, drops, technical terrain like rocks and roots and how to approach these safely as well as starting to look at jumping and more advance cornering.

Our coaching follows the ITAG framework where children will work towards a grade criteria on meeting those criteria they get a coloured band which shows their ability and standard should they go to other coaching session sit is  away of easily identifying ability.

Suitable for ages 8 to 14

All children will have to carry their own hand sanitizer and the coach will not carry water bottles for children due to covid 19. Strictly no bike swapping during sessions.

Sessions last 2 hours in the summer and 1 hour in the winter.

Can your child already ride the blue trails with confidence. Is your child progressing to ride red trails.

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