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Thank you for visiting my blog, ‘Beyond The Mud’. Why the name you might ask? Well, ‘Beyond the Mud’ refers not to the wet sticky earth version but to, the mud of life that can easily trap us and bog us down to a point where, like hamsters its work – home – cook – sleep – work.

Beyond the mud was born from a desire to get out and live life to the full and look for every opportunity to ‘play hard’. And, for me it starts with dreams……I believe, like the saying goes: ‘Happy are those who dream dreams and are prepared to pay the price to see them come true’.

I hope this is a useful outdoor blog for people looking for ideas on how to live life outside. I have wonderful guest bloggers like Lee Johnson, Helen Reed and Somerset Dave who share their expeirences on adventure, getting outside and making it happen.

Enjoy blog posts on cycling through South America, racing in mountain bike races like the Bike Trans Alp and how to take your one year old to the Alps as well as many more adventurous tales from around the world.

I am keen to inspire others to get outdoors and seek adventures big or small.

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Mountain Bike Coaching Weekend 8th – 9th September 

This mountain bike coaching weekend is perfect for riders with a moderate amount of mountain biking experience and a good level of general fitness who are looking to build up their confidence and ability on two wheels.

Join me for a weekend of trail skills, Pilates, guided rides around the beautiful South Downs and plenty of fun and great food.

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Womens Mountain Bike Weekend

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

~ T. S. Eliot

I am dreaming and planning the next adventure – beyond the mud