Saturday morning waking up to a gale in our little Welsh air bnb I suddenly realised I had forgotten my heart rate strap! As someone who loves to see her numbers this really threw me… I didn’t’ need to worry as on a message to Dave from RCR he had a spare I could use. Thank you Dave!

On Sunday I lined up for my first ever race as Hannah Griffiths with my Husband as my queuing buddy among some 700 riders @battleonthebeach

Preparation had been patchy at best with illness, trapped nerves and general antics.

The wind blew wildly as we stood with everyone else listening to the band and waiting for the mid day start, soon we were on our way jostling for places out onto the hard packed sand, catching the wheel of other riders and being quite literally blown up the beach!

Turning off the beach and into a mess of boggy puddles before crossing back to the beach into the headwind from hell!

The tactic, work together with other riders to survive and make it up the beach using as little energy as possible.

The best part for me was the second part of single track this really played to my strengths and I loved swiping through the dunes and up into the forest I felt more at home.

Out on lap two and with the wind changing direction a little as well as the tide coming in, the effort needed both up and down the beach really started to hurt!

Once off the beach sections I got back into a rhythm in the single track and finished the race feeling exhausted and full of life.

What an epic event. I learnt so much, including that next year I need to get seeded so I can get out ahead of the crowds!

Thank you @welshside for sticking with me at the start.
Thank you @battleonthebeach for a brilliant day out.
📸 @anthony__pease