Surrey Hills Mountain Bike Weekend

Surrey Hills Mountain Bike Weekend

Anyone can be a passenger on a bike. Like with any sport to become more able it’s a good idea to get professional coaching. Last weekend we headed to the Surrey Hills for a weekend on some of Southern England’s finest Singletrack.

The weekend began with coaching from Leith Hill, using the famous Summer Lightning trail. The aim of the day, increase your ability to flow effortlessly down the trail with minimal excursion. How did we achieve this?

mountain bike coaching surrey hills

By getting into the right position and being able to move around the bike, keeping movements free and not jerking the bike around, which happens with bad technique and a lack of confidence, because you tend to be more ridged. We also mastered manuals ready to get over those tricky trail obstacles and pop off drops.

Lunch was provided by local chef Joanne Sorg, who served up a delicious packed lunches, no sandwiches in sight! Of course there was also enough cake to keep even the hungriest of riders satisfied.

After lunch it was time to focus on strengthening and stretching those muscles. Lying under the swaying trees, the group worked on their core stability during Pilates specific for cyclists. Pilates focuses on the ‘inner core’ of our bodies, developing strength from the innermost structures and works outwards. Rather than working our bodies through muscle isolation, Pilates focuses on posture, strength, mobility and flexibility from head to toe. Moving the body in complete flowing movements, not isolated parts. Read more about the benefits of Pilates for cyclists here.

mountain bike coaching surrey hills

Sarah who took part said

One of the best biking weekends I’ve attended! Hannah is a great coach and her confidence inspiring style resulted in great changes in my riding over the course of the weekend. The small group dynamic makes it really easy to learn and at no point did I feel out of my depth, though I was most certainly encouraged to push my boundaries in a good way. Highly recommended! Plus the food is fantastic!

Bright and early Sunday we met with our guide Sean from Marmalade MTB at Holmbury Hill. Sean led the group on an adventure down some of the best trails and up to the best viewpoints in the Surrey Hills including Barry Knows Best, Yoghurt Pots and Telegraphs. Of course, no trip to the Surrey Hills could end without a trip to the famous Peaslake Village Stores for a cheese straw!

mountain bike coaching surrey hills

After a full days riding we headed to the pub for a pint and to share stories from the weekend and talk about where our next adventures on two wheels may take us.

Thank you to our wonderful clients for a fantastic weekend of fun, we hope to see you on the trails again soon!

If you like the look of our Surrey Hills weekend why not join us in June!



Becky’s Favourite Mountain Bike Ride in Wales.

Becky’s Favourite Mountain Bike Ride in Wales.

We caught up with Becky our wonderful bike guide on her favourite mountain bike ride in Wales. Becky will be our lead guide during all our Mountain Bike Breaks in Wales.

One of my favourite routes in North Wales is the Pont Scethin. Most of the books will say ride it clockwise, but due to erosion on the tracks it’s actually a nicer ride anti-clockwise starting from Bontddu, which is on the road from Dolgeallau to Barmouth (A496).

The route begins with a steady climb on tarmac travelling up towards a farm track where the real climbing begins. Riding over sheep fields and heading up to the saddle before the descent to Pont Scethin, you experience stunning views over the Mawddach estuary and looking towards Cadair Idris (another great ride!). This is the place that I really love to sit for a while and just take it all in, so peaceful and you rarely see a walker or other cyclists up there.

Then begins a fun, technical descent – a loose rock track with quite a bit of technicality descends down, around the hillside, to Pont-Scethin, a quaint old packhorse bridge over the Afon Ysgethin.

This part feels very remote, and you continue on through a little bit of fun bogginess onto a farm track, where you can pick up a little speed down (watch out for the sheep and walkers!) to your next turn off, but all the time looking out to the expanse of Sea below.

After making the turn onto another tarmac track you eventually head off onto farm land again, with gradual incline – but just stunning scenery and coast line the whole time. Eventually you arrive at your second and last technical ascent – this is particularly rocky and if your skills allow is a great challenge – and if not, it’s only a small hike a bike to the gap where you have fantastic views back down towards the coast, or across to the forest where you are heading.

This descent is a lot of fun, loose, rocky and a few turns as you make your way down towards open land and head off down into the forest. One of my favourite sections of this ride is as you are nearing the end, just before you ride into the trees again, you are blessed with a beautiful view down the Afon Mawddach towards the estuary.

The last descent brings you out directly opposite your car, a perfect way to end. Such a remote feeling ride, and although only around 22km you won’t want to add more mileage! I just love the the remoteness and quietness of the ride, and the challenging rocky descents make it all worthwhile. Also, it would be hard to beat the stunning views across hills, mountains and sea, a great summer ride. As it is remote, make sure you are prepared – you will definitely need those energy balls!

A fitness inspired holiday in London

A fitness inspired holiday in London

A fitness holiday in London? Going beyond the mud of mountain bike trails however, you would be surprised at what there is to do in the capital city if you’re looking for an active holiday.  Don’t believe us? Then rub your disbelieving eyes, book a stay in one of these serviced apartments, and take a look at our ideas below.

Get on your bike


You don’t have to do anything as arduous as Ride London (unless you want to), as there are bike trails for any difficulty level. There’s the Tamsin Trail around Richmond Park, for starters. It’s the perfect place for a ride, with acres of beautiful scenery surrounding you, and assorted wildlife to wonder at, including deer. While that won’t push you to the max, you could step it up a gear, and take the 48 km trail from Putney Bridge to Windsor Castle. Unfortunately, you will need to sort your own drinks flask out as it’s unlikely the Queen will be there with a celebratory cup of tea when you arrive!

Take to the waters

Thrillseekers will be desperate to take one of the high speed boat rides along the River Thames, but no matter how exciting they are, they don’t do much for your fitness level. To push yourself a little further, why not take out a kayak onto the river instead. You will probably get splashed by those erstwhile James Bonds whizzing past you on the speedboats, but you will at least have the satisfaction you are doing more to improve the strength and tone of your upper body than those maniacs. Check out the Hampstead Heath ponds as well, a popular destination for anybody looking for a swim. It’s best to go in the summer, however, as despite the crowds, the waters can get a little cold when the weather is chilly.

Scale the heights

Okay, so you aren’t allowed to scale Big Ben, no matter how tempted you are, and sitting atop the London Eye is a poor substitute for exercise. However, you can see London’s skyline while engaged in a wide variety of fitness activities across the city. You could make like Tarzan and take to the treetops at Go Ape in Battersea. You could scale the heights of the O2 Building, and then (if you’re very brave) take a bungee jump from atop it. And if you really aren’t afraid of heights, you could brave the UK’s tallest freefall, and try the the ArcelorMittal Orbit Abseil. Thankfully, you will be attached to a harness. Finally, no matter what the weather is like outside, you should try the Vertical Chill, an ice-climbing wall situated in Covent Garden. There’s something for every skill level, but you might want to wrap up in something warm before you head in there.


So, despite your unbelief, there is loads to do in London that will keep you fit and active during your holiday time. While the tourists are doing whatever tourists do in the city, you can take a break from the norm and enjoy some of the fabulous and energetic activities that are on offer to you. Phew!

Weekend Getaway Ideas When You Make Last-Minute Plans

Weekend Getaway Ideas When You Make Last-Minute Plans

There’s nothing like spur of the moment travel plans to make your working week more bearable. Therefore, it’s time to grab you besties, your partner, or those you love the most, and make the most of those free days you have before Monday morning kicks off another week again. Use your next meet-up at the pub to discuss where you’d all like to go and what sort of break you’d want. Keeping it in the UK will keep costs down, which is always good when you’ve had no time to prepare or save.

Glamping in Wales

A micro adventure to Wales – Glamping Pods

Perhaps you want to continue the catch-up in a different city together, or you’d all prefer relaxing somewhere tranquil to get over all those late nights and overtime. Wherever you decide to go; a trip with your nearest and dearest will be something exciting to look forward to. The sooner you start preparing and planning; the better chance you’ll all have of going to do something you’ll all enjoy, and it will give you last-minute idea a little bit of organisation. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who fancy getting away from it all and blowing out the cobwebs with a weekend of fun.

An Escape Full Of Fun And Fresh Air

You might be an action-loving sort of person and you’re not into doing very little, but the thought of a busy city also doesn’t excite you; a countryside escape, full of fresh air and scenery could be the ideal getaway for your group to enjoy. You can drive towards green fields, woodlands or forests, or find a coastal haven by the sea. The UK is full of beautiful environments, so start thinking about the sort of scenic views you’re all craving and go from there. Once you’ve chosen your location; look into some hotels and then you can book to do some activities, or find where you can go walking or hiking. Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to stop in local cafes and pubs to fill up on delicious local produce and a well-deserved beverage.

Afan forest biking

Micro adventure to Wales – Afan forest mountain biking

A New City Or Town To Enjoy

A city adventure, historical tour, or even a shopping trip in another town or city could be just the sort of getaway you’re after. The great thing about travelling to a new city for a spot of sightseeing or shopping is that you won’t be limited to just the one activity. The hustle and bustle of a place means that it’s full of restaurants and bars, entertainment venues, and plenty of history and culture, especially in the UK. You’ll probably need at least a couple of nights in the city you choose to visit; this will allow you to do a range of activities, and you won’t have to cram everything into just one day. Try to squeeze in an exhibition, show, or a landmark so that you feel like you’ve made the most from a place. You’ll need to keep your energy up on a city break, so make sure you research into where the best places to eat are. If you fancy an evening out, dancing the night; see if you’re able to book a booth or a table and treat yourselves to top-notch service. Book a table at a restaurant, or go for an afternoon tea; these will be the perfect addition to your travel adventure, and you’ll have made some awesome memories.

Mountain Biking in Mallorca

Mountain Biking in Mallorca


Guest post from Roxy Bike Mallorca:

Evening guys and girls I thought I’d give you a little inspiration for a summer adventure. How about grabbing your mountain bike and heading to Mallorca? Interested? read on….

Mallorca is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, a 2 hour 10 minute flight from London.

It has stunning beaches, beautiful hinterland charm and amazing hiking and mountain biking trails, with a mild and biking-friendly climate all year round.

Although the entire island is great for mountain biking, you can find the largest variety of rideable terrain is in the Eastern part of Mallorca, which is near Artá, Cala Millor and Son Servera. There are many single tracks, a nature reserve with a great selection of rideable trails and gorgeous coastal tracks in this region.

Mountain Biking in Mallorca is legal, however there are no legally built single tracks with berms or jumps, as 90% of the island is in private hands.

Mallorca’s hidden single tracks are best found by hiring a local guide who can show you the best spots without too much road riding and getting lost.

CaMi-Bike, where you may rent super high-quality bikes and book guided rides in different levels.

The owner is a young lady named Roxy, who has been living in Mallorca for 9 years and has specialised in Mountain Bike Events, private coaching and group skills courses and also offers private guiding for groups. You may contact her via Instagram: Roxybike_mallorca or on Facebook.

Mallorca is a hidden gem for mountain biking with absolutely amazing single tracks, gorgeous views and mostly great weather. If you are looking for the perfect family bike & beach combo holiday destination, Mallorca is a the choice!


Micro Adventures in the UK My Top Ten Ideas

Micro Adventures in the UK My Top Ten Ideas

As the nights get lighter and the days a little brighter the opportunities for us to get out on adventures increases! Have you been on a micro adventure in the UK?

You only get one life, you get to choose how you spend your time, but sometimes ‘adventure’ can seem financially out of reach however there is no need to reside yourself to the dull and mundane just yet. There are endless micro adventures you can get up to here in the UK without spending a fortune or needing a month off work, here is my top 10:

1. Head for your local trail center! I am a little biased as mountain biking is my passion so of course biking micro adventures are top of my list, but in the UK we have some great trail centers where there are routes for all abilities from green which is beginner level and good for children to black and orange for those for who their wheel to leave the ground and like it to be steep and technical. In the south head for Queen Elizabeth Country Park or Swinley Forest further afield Cannock Chase and the Chiltern Hills are super fun! If you need a little confidence boost book yourself a morning with a coach to help improve your cycling ability. Mountain bike trail guide coming soon subscribe to keep up to date.

2. The UK capital of adventure personally would be Wales. Head for Snowdonia for a micro adventure, where you will find great camping spots, pretty b&bs plenty of sheep along with loads of outdoor activities from white water rafting to climbing. At Plas Y Brenin you can get great coaching in kayaking and climbing.

3. Surf’s up! Jutting straight out into the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall is a magnet for swell, creating perfect waves for surfing! Also having some of the best beaches in the UK ideal for rock pooling and beach combing adventures. Why not take on a litter pick for surfers against sewage at the same time. A micro adventure with purpose!

4. Go for a wild swim – whether it’s a lake, river or the sea find some friends and go for a dip! Remember to check the tide times if you pick the sea and a wet suit could be a good shout!

5. Sleep outside without a tent – you can pick up a bivvy bag from Go Outdoors armed with this and perhaps a friend or two and a camping stove and your local woods could become your first micro adventure.

6. See how far you can run/walk/cycle in a weekend/day/morning/evening…

7. Take a new route to work – Micro adventures can happen at any time, why not have one five days a week, I am fortunate enough to live on the South Downs a beautiful area. I first discovered just how beautiful when I mixed up my commute routes for a couple of weeks not only did this give me a real sense of achievement in finding new ways to work but I could use these cycling routes as new training rides as well.

8. Use this great site called Fancy Free Walks to find a walk from a new place. Martyn and I have been using this site to explore our local area finding walk with good pub stops and making an adventure of it.

9. Scotland – The most beautiful and wildest part of our great Island. Okay it can take a while to get there but the sleeper train from London is a great option or why not drive and stop off at different places along the way to make a real road trip of the UK. Read about biking in Scotland.

10. Enter a race! Not to win (unless you want too) but for the adventure. Racing gives you a reason to exercise and motivation to get outside and maybe try something new. There are loads of sites which have these types of challenges like Rat Race, Tough Mudder and Cycling Events UK the bonus is your likely to get a badly fitting t-shirt and a medal as well! Read about my Mum and I racing in the New forest.

Share your micro adventures with me on Facebook.