I am a great believer in what Benjamin Franklin said;

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Today was my first race of the season (race report to come) so as usual planning for my race day started on Wednesday when my bike went in to have a cheeky service with Geared Up Cycles and after a thorough clean was ready for racing.

Then it was my turn.

I packed my kit on Saturday making sure I had a practise lap kit, race kit and change of clothes. With the weather forecast I had a feeling it could be muddy so packed a second set of everything just in case it was needed! 

photo 1 (3)

I made sure all my bike tools, helmet, gloves, glasses and shoes were in the car.

A few other essentials to pack are a black bin liner for wet kit, loo roll because the race organisers seem to never buy enough and baby wipes so you can wipe off the mud before changing into your clothes to travel home, these are also great for getting the grime off your bike between practise lap and the race!

If I’m driving down on the morning of a race I always pack as much in the car on the Saturday before hand this leaves less to be forgotten in the morning.

My top tips for race day nutrition;

  • Eat a good breakfast something like porridge and a egg or protein shake
  • Malt loaf with a thin layer of butter is a good energising snack to add with a banana for 45 mins before you race
  • If you don’t like malt loaf, peanut butter is high energy goodness in a jar, I love it. Spread it on toast or if this is all too stodgy try Nairns Oat cakes for a lighter alternative
  • Stick to the same brand of gels during a race, I find SIS, Zip Vit and High Five gels are all good they are less sweet and sticky than some other brands
  • Bounce Balls make great snacks for straight after there easy to eat, high in protein and quick
  • After eating lots of gels I find fresh fruit seems to help my body feel normal again after a race
  • Eat a decent healthy meal within one hour of finishing a race it helps your body get over what you just put it through

photo 2 (2)