There’s nothing like spur of the moment travel plans to make your working week more bearable. Therefore, it’s time to grab you besties, your partner, or those you love the most, and make the most of those free days you have before Monday morning kicks off another week again. Use your next meet-up at the pub to discuss where you’d all like to go and what sort of break you’d want. Keeping it in the UK will keep costs down, which is always good when you’ve had no time to prepare or save.

Glamping in Wales

A micro adventure to Wales – Glamping Pods

Perhaps you want to continue the catch-up in a different city together, or you’d all prefer relaxing somewhere tranquil to get over all those late nights and overtime. Wherever you decide to go; a trip with your nearest and dearest will be something exciting to look forward to. The sooner you start preparing and planning; the better chance you’ll all have of going to do something you’ll all enjoy, and it will give you last-minute idea a little bit of organisation. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who fancy getting away from it all and blowing out the cobwebs with a weekend of fun.

An Escape Full Of Fun And Fresh Air

You might be an action-loving sort of person and you’re not into doing very little, but the thought of a busy city also doesn’t excite you; a countryside escape, full of fresh air and scenery could be the ideal getaway for your group to enjoy. You can drive towards green fields, woodlands or forests, or find a coastal haven by the sea. The UK is full of beautiful environments, so start thinking about the sort of scenic views you’re all craving and go from there. Once you’ve chosen your location; look into some hotels and then you can book to do some activities, or find where you can go walking or hiking. Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to stop in local cafes and pubs to fill up on delicious local produce and a well-deserved beverage.

Afan forest biking

Micro adventure to Wales – Afan forest mountain biking

A New City Or Town To Enjoy

A city adventure, historical tour, or even a shopping trip in another town or city could be just the sort of getaway you’re after. The great thing about travelling to a new city for a spot of sightseeing or shopping is that you won’t be limited to just the one activity. The hustle and bustle of a place means that it’s full of restaurants and bars, entertainment venues, and plenty of history and culture, especially in the UK. You’ll probably need at least a couple of nights in the city you choose to visit; this will allow you to do a range of activities, and you won’t have to cram everything into just one day. Try to squeeze in an exhibition, show, or a landmark so that you feel like you’ve made the most from a place. You’ll need to keep your energy up on a city break, so make sure you research into where the best places to eat are. If you fancy an evening out, dancing the night; see if you’re able to book a booth or a table and treat yourselves to top-notch service. Book a table at a restaurant, or go for an afternoon tea; these will be the perfect addition to your travel adventure, and you’ll have made some awesome memories.