This high performance energy drink which comes in powered form, is mixed with water to create a sweet orange tasting drink.

The Cyto Power HP from USN has key electrolytes and 40 grams of carbohydrate to help your body refuel and sustain high intensity training.

photo 1 (1)I used the 50g servings with 500ml of water (as directed) and drank whilst out on a training ride over the course of 1 hour 45 minutes.

I found that although this product is highly sweet it is easy to drink and has a really nice orange flavour.

I didn’t, as suggested, start taking 20 – 30 minutes before my training ride but took at regular intervals during training, this seemed to work well for me.

I have been recovering from a elbow injury and this was my first proper training ride out on single track. I felt a bit nervous and didn’t eat much because of this.

Arriving at the trail I felt a bit shaky and put this down to a mixture of nerves and not eating enough I had some of the Cyto Power HP just before we started to ride. About 20 minutes into the ride I noticed that I felt more energised and  focused on my riding instead of the jelly leg feeling I had, had previously.

photo 5Overall I think USN Cyto Power HP is a great training aid to refuel and energise you.

It would be good in races as long as you also carried water as I think personally I wouldn’t want to drink it continually during a race as it is rather sweet so being able to alternate between this and water on longer races would be advisable. 

I will certainly be using it during Ride London this year!

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