After a bike fuelled few days Shaun (our White Pine guide), Franki (Women 4 Adventure) and I went hiking in the Uinta Mountains.

Winding our way up from Park City the drive to lofty lakes was spectacular, passing through vast aspen forests slowly changing from green to oranges and yellows. Quaint North American towns dotted our route a few houses and then nothing but open countryside for miles, this was rural living at its extreme.

We were heading for Bald Mountain, the highest peak in the Uintas and would start our hike from just below. Bald Mountain, named so as the glacier movement almost cut off the top leaving the mountains in this range with no craggy peaks like you see in the Alps all the peaks are rounded.

Reaching the car park the air had a distinct chill even though the sun beat down strongly.

We started our hike steadily making our way through the trees past gorgeous meadows, marshes and over passes with stunning views.

The loop takes in three beautiful mountain lakes, Lofty Lake, Kamas Lake, and Scout Lake. Kamas and Scout Lake are known to have good trout fishing, where they drop fish from planes to stock the lakes.

As we climbed the temperature dropped I was glad to have my down jacket at hand when we stopped at a high point overlooking the lake to have lunch. We found a stone bench and seats made by a previous walker and enjoyed the views whilst talking about adventure and our mission of getting more people outdoors.


Shaun runs Inspired Summit Adventures. Shaun is a certified wellness coach, professional skier and seasoned mountain guide. Through a holistic approach to mountains and life Shaun holds a space for her clients to engage fully in their surroundings while utilizing the activity and a consciences dialogue to facilitate personal growth. All of her adventures, combined with her desire to inspire others, and her passion for the outdoors has lead Shaun to create this next chapter.



In the course of four miles the trail climbed a total of 1,000 feet. The trails were well maintained and signs will help keep you on course.

It was such a great experience being outdoors doing something physical in a beautiful place surrounded by interesting and inspiring people who I now call friends. This is just another time when the outdoors has given me more than just a work out. It was refreshing to hear other peoples journeys and how they fell in love with the outdoors and how they were helping to encourage and inspire others. From this hike Franki and I have decided that our mission on returning home is to enable and engage others in a more active and healthy lifestyle. Watch this space for more!