Owen Orton

I recently took part in a weekend session with beyond the Mud and a guided Marmalade MTB tour (with Beyond The Mud Coaching).

I think I am a proficient mountain biker with dubious fitness levels. Hannah effectively coached a group of us with all abilities without detracting from each other’s enjoyment and progression from each of the sessions. The sessions were really fun and relaxed, and the food was fantastic.

I can highly recommend Hannah and Beyond The Mud to all levels of mountain biker abilities. There is always a lesson to be learnt – mine was heals down and push those bars away when going over jumps n bumps

Mark Bennett

I have just had an amazing couple of days on Beyond the Mud‘s Mountain Bike Coaching Weekend in the Surrey Hills. One day of Hannah’s excellent coaching that catered for all levels of ability and a second day of superb guided riding provided by Paul of Marmalade MTB. The combination of training and coaching followed by the ability to put new found skills into practice on some of the best MTB trails in the South of England was perfect. I was definitely riding more confidently and on trails that I would never have ridden previously.

I’m looking forward to more coaching and guided riding in the future…


What a great weekend thank you Hannah for specially helping me. I do feel much more confident now!!! And thanks to Paul who helped to set up my bike and guiding me. What a lovely bunch of people on the course.Thanks for your help and encouragement, guys, when I was flagging! The food was lovely too.Fantastic way to spend a weekend in glorious countryside! 🚴‍♀️


Hannah gave two one to one half day sessions with my son Max (16yrs ). He said “It was really good fun, hard work with a great work/reward ratio. Hannah is a very engaging coach, who made good trail choices in a great location. (QECP). It was a good balance between up and downhill. I learnt new techniques and had good feedback using video on my riding style. Hannah is highly recommended for intermediate riders like me.”

Shana Howard

My 11-year-old son Oscar and his friend had a fantastic day of mountain bike coaching with Hannah and came back with enormous smiles on their faces, excited by everything they had learnt.  For me it was hugely reassuring to know that their dare devil tendencies were being usefully and safely channelled!  The skills he came away with are incredibly valuable and will help to keep him safe while having fun on his mountain bike.