I have recently discovered Bounce Balls, these convenient natural energy balls come in a variety of interesting flavours packed with protein, complex carbs and the vitamins and minerals we all need to keep our bodies fuelled and raring to go. Whether your about to exercise, have just exercised or just need a pick me up there is a Bounce Ball that has got nutrition covered. 


So far I have tried most of the flavours and will give a summary of each and its benefits but here are my favourites first;

The ‘Orange’ one: Almond Protein Hit. 

This has become my go to snack as I leave the gym and head for the showers or after a ride as I’m washing my bike I grab a almond Bounce Ball. With 12g of protein and 100% natural ingredients this tasty mixture of whey protein and almonds (my favourite nut) is the perfect size (49g) to eat on the go. The outside is coated in crunchy almonds with a chewy centre packed with protein and carbohydrate to help you recover quickly. The ball is naturally sweet with grape juice and leaves you feeling satisfyingly full which means you wont snack on anything naughty before you have time to make a well balanced post workout meal. 

Almond bounce

The ‘Blue’ one: Coconut and Macadamia Protein Bliss. 

The most indulgent of them all! This little ball tastes naughty but is packed with healthy natural ingredients. Only 9g of protein and slightly more sugar but it beats any biscuit, chocolate bar or sweet treat you might usually reach for on nutritional values so I would highly recommend putting some of these in your office draw for those days when there is plenty of cakes sitting around, instead reach for your Protein Bliss Ball and feel great for avoiding the cakes but get that sugar craving you needed! I think on a long ride these would be perfect for those moments when you feel like you need something sweet and energising I will be packing those for Ride London that is for sure.

coconut bounce

The ‘Green’ one: Spirulina and Ginseng Defence Boost.

This ball is like nothing I have ever tasted, in a good way! The colour maybe off putting to some but never judge a good snack by its colour. This ball is a chewy mix of almonds, oats and sesame seeds, combined with the super foods spirulina and ginseng. It is the perfect snack at any time of day to boost your energy levels. This ball has plenty of anti oxidants so is great as a defence against any nasty bugs that might keep you off the top of your game.  

spirilena bounce

The ‘Yellow’ one: Peanut Protein Blast.

With the most protein at 14g like the almond Bounce Ball it is a great post workout snack to help on the way to recovery. The texture is more chewy than the almond Bounce Ball. The peanut taste is delicious and I like the crunch of the nuts on the outside too. 

peanut bounce