I was sceptical when I got my Zip Vit ZV9 protein bar, I liked the idea of chocolate orange, who wouldn’t, but after trying many flavour protein bars the overwhelming taste in all was the protein and the consistency was also chewy and thick.

The ZipVit ZV9 bar was a totally new sensation, the taste was chocolate with a zingy orange tone with no hint of protein taste. The most important factor after how it tastes was the consistency unlike over chewy, dry bars this one was smooth and almost moist.

It was easy to eat the whole bar and when I arrived home I felt satisfied but not bloated and able to eat dinner.

The Zip Vit ZV9 bar has 20g of high quality protein (milk & whey) alongside 25g of easily digestible carbohydrates and a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to help protect against harmful free radicals.

The ZipVit ZV9 is a great grab and go protein source the silver foil keeps the bar in tact in warm weather and although it crumbled in the packet slightly it was easy to eat whilst stretching.

During a race i would still find this difficult to chew, however during a sportive or training ride it would be easy to eat whilst riding.

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