My aim with all my Pilates classes is to offer a bespoke service. Apart from my Get up and Go council led classes all private Pilates classes run with no more than 10 clients per session to make sure I can give a personalised service and feedback on every move. So although below shows the difference between class levels I can accommodate everyone within my classes in most cases.


Starting with the complete basics and principles at a physically gentle level.  This can be more of a challenge mentally as you learn how to use your body correctly and identify how to avoid ‘compensations’.  This is where everyone should start off on their Pilates journey.


Building on the techniques learned in the beginners classes, in Improvers, we develop the exercises to a more physically demanding  level, whether that means increasing the range of movement or reps required per exercise. One or two alternatives and explanation and visual demonstration will be given. Improvers requires knowledge of the basic principles but not necessarily great physical strength.


The pace of this level is faster with slightly less detailed explanation as we go through progressions. Participants are expected to know the exercises as they start to explore harder movements and begin to understand their own limits, with more verbal correction given.


This most physically demanding level, a real work-out but still follows the basic principles. Everyone should work to their own level within each exercise.  The pace is fast moving and challenging.  Participants are expected to know their own limits and modification alternatives if a move does not suit their body.

I hope you found this useful. I run my Pilates classes from venues in Westbourne, Emsworth, West Stoke (near Funtington), Bedhampton, Havant and Waterlooville.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, are interested in joining my Pilates classes or go to my Pilates page on my website by clicking this link.