The Trail 42 vacuum thermo flask is made from double walled stainless steel with a screw in heavy duty leak proof lid and flip up cap. 

Trail 42 flaskThe flask is a good size (0.33L) for packing in a bag if your going out for the day to hold either hot or cold drinks. It’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry.

If you had a long day on the trails you would also need at least one water bottle as this isn’t enough fluid and you would get dehydrated. This flask is perfect to carry your mid morning tea break cuppa for on the side of a mountain or forest walk/run/ride! You can then refill the flask with more tea when you get to a pub very easily ready for the afternoon ahead.

The flask keeps drinks hot easily for two to three hours, because of its size I never had any drink left after this time to test the heat.

The flask is easy to use with a simple flip top cap which shuts firmly and has never come open in my bag, however I always have it wedges standing up right just in case, but I would do this with any flask.

trail 42 flask

The flask looks and feels like it’s made of good quality materials. The surface of the flask is hard wearing and the Trail 42 logo has survived many washes, knocks and scrapes showing the quality in design. 

Overall this is a really handy flask for hot or cold drinks whether your commuting or out on the trails. The other place we have recently been where the flask showed its handiness is on holiday it’s the right size for your pre flight tea then on the other side of customs you can simply fill it up for the perfect tea on the plane i.e one not it a plastic cup that cost £3.60!