Trail 42 Bamboo Tee

Having never owned or worn a bamboo technical t-shirt before I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Trail 42 bamboo tee.

Slipping on the t-shirt the first thing I noticed was the soft texture unlike any cotton t-shirt I had it seemed smooth on my skin. The tee is made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. With no inside labels it means no annoying irritation which is great.

Taking part in mountain biking and being a girl some times throws up wardrobe issues! Like most girls I enjoy shopping and like to wear clothes that look good and I feel comfortable in (heels not included). This is sometimes a challenge when I go to buy clothing for mountain biking. As your usually faced with two options, lycra all the way in which case you can get nice comfortable women fitting, or baggy grungy looking ‘mountain biking’ clothing which has no style or thought for who its customer is and what they want.

Trail 42 tee

Trail 42’s women specific cut tees, including the classic bamboo tee, are cut flatteringly for women and include that all important longer length to keep your back covered when out riding.

The style is classic with a round neckline. The colour is a brilliant deep purple which I love, its just the right amount of girl power without being in your face ‘girly’.

Trail 42 tee neck line

The ultimate test! 

Earlier on in the year I was fortunate enough to visit Switzerland to shoot an advert, during this time I was going to ride my bike as part of it, I packed my tee thinking this would be the ultimate test of versatility. 

I wore my bamboo tee as a base layer to visit The Top of Europe to do some filming, the temperature was down at -5 at 3,454 metres above sea level.


We were filming a ski shoot and I was having to be quite active walking up and down a ski run, building kickers and riding a ski bike, which was great fun. I then had some time waiting and watching the skiers I was worried about getting cold but my bamboo tee kept me warm and comfortable.

trail 42 label

The Friday was my day in the spot light the weather was beautiful but rain was forecast and as with any mountains you can’t rely on the weather forecast apart from the one you get when you look out the window. With this in mind I put on my bamboo tee under my jersey. 

The filming was done in different locations on a trail half way up a mountain. There was short bursts of activity mixed with standing around talking over the shots. I felt comfortable in my bamboo tee, it kept me warm but also kept wicking the sweat away from my skin so I could remain focused on my biking instead of thinking about having to add on extra layers.

This Trail 42 bamboo tee is very versatile it is great as a base layer but also works well as a top to ride in on a daily basis. It has a classic stylish look which can be worn on and off the trail.