Over two days we will take you from novice mountain biker to confident off road riding a variety of different terrains and features, ready for new adventures. Our two day mini break includes outdoor Pilates, enabling you time to focus on stretching and building strength in your body whilst listening to the sounds of the birds, feeling the earth beneath your hands. Locally sourced food (where possible) will be served for lunch both days.

Mountain Bike Coaching Mini Break – South Downs

Day 1

Our mountain biking mini break starts at the picturesque Queen Elizabeth Country Park, winner of volunteer built trail of the year 2019. The first day we look to improve your mountain bike technique through fundamental skills coaching.

Techniques covered will include:

  • Bike setup check – we’ll make sure your bike is set up properly
  • Body position for smoother riding – understanding the physics behind riding modern mountain bikes well
  • Balance – how correct balance, posture and movement can rapidly improve your riding helping you ride consistently over anything you encounter
  • Cornering foundations – how to maintain traction, conserve your speed and hit the best lines in and out of turns
  • Safe and effective braking
  • Pedalling for consistency
  • Wheel lifts and unweighting

After an outdoor Pilates class where the focus is on stretching and realigning your muscles a delicious lunch will be served before a little more time on the trails to practise what you learned in the morning.

Day 2

We meet at a car park on the South Downs Way with epic views of the coast and miles of singletrack to choose from. Our qualified guides will take you on a journey around some of the best singletrack trails along the South Coast. From the roller coaster chalk rolling hills of the South Downs Way to the swooping woodland singletrack trails found all along the length of the Downs, we can ensure you have the perfect fun filled mountain bike adventure to end your weekend on a high. Lunch will be provided, you will need a bag big enough to carry your packed lunch on this day.

This is a great way to fast track your mountain bike skills, improve your confidence and get out and explore new places with like-minded people, who knows you may make a new riding buddy or two!

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