The highest ever levels of activity have been recorded by Sport England’s latest Active Lives Adult Survey, with 1 million more people physically active than when the survey began.

According to Sport England, data gathered from 180,000 respondents (aged 16+) in the 12 months from May 2018 to May 2019, 1,015,700 more people are active compared to when the survey started, in 2015.

That takes the total number of active people – those doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week – up to 28.6 million.

The number of inactive people – doing fewer than 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week – is down to 11.2 million, a decrease of 131,700 since 2015 and the lowest figure ever recorded by the survey.

Hannah Attenburrow from Beyond the Mud, runs Pilates classes and workshops as well as mountain biking coaching and guiding. Hannah has been working with Havant Borough Council, as part of their Get Up and Go program, to offer Pilates classes for the over 55’s in the borough and has seen her classes go from strength to strength with many participants who starts in January still attending one or more classes weekly. Classes run from Havant, Waterlooville, Bedhampton and Hayling Island.

Pilates is great for building strength and coordination which are two things that diminish as we get older. Pilates focuses on posture, strength, mobility and flexibility from head to toe, moving the body in complete flowing movements, not isolated parts.

Hannah said;

‘The Great thing about Pilates is it is suitable for anyone no matter your age, fitness of flexibility. Each exercise can be done at different levels of intensity with additional modifications to cater for anyone with specific muscular or joint limitations.’

One participant who has been coming since January said;

‘Get Up and Go has provided the incentive to try out Pilates risk-free.  

I was unsure about undertaking this form of exercise as I have a very severe left-sided kypho scoliosis – a deformity of my spine and I know from previous experience how easy it is to end up bedridden if I twist or turn too harshly. The pilates class has gradually improved my mobility.

Hannah was amazing, allowing for my difficulties and even sending me a link to exercises specifically for my condition.  She never pushes me beyond what I can comfortably do and will suggest an alternative exercise to those for the class if needed.

Hannah checks us regularly to ensure we are doing the exercises in the correct position and frequently reminds us of our breathing, something I forget easily!

Maddison, too, is very supportive and I love going to the classes where incidentally, I met up with somebody I first worked with in 1974!

A lovely group, mostly women but with a few men, too.  Don’t hold back, please try it out very soon!

The Get Up and Go Program in the Havant borough offers many activities to over 55’s including golf, guided walks, chair fitness, Pilates and yoga classes.