Whether your bike is your pride and joy, or just a cheap commuter to get you to work and back, it will always be a disaster if it gets stolen. Bikes are seen as easy money to thieves, with over 400,000 bikes stolen every year, or stripped of their components.

There is no such thing as a completely unbreakable lock, the good news is that there are many products available that will go a long way to deter thieves, and make your bike near theft proof. Here are some tips from mountain bike coaching experts.

Of course the obvious place to start is with buying a proper bike lock. There are so many different locks available, so it’s important to know that not all bikes locks are created equal. The price can be a good indicator of the quality of a bike lock. There are bargains to be found, but increased cost will bring increased security. Buy the best lock you can afford.

U-locks, or D-locks, made out of hardened steel are great options for reliable primary locks. There are innovations in smart locks now, that feature such technology as key-less Bluetooth locking mechanisms, alarms, motion detectors, and GPS tracking.

It’s important to consider where and how to lock your bike. Locking your bike to a solid object, such as a dedicated bike rack or immovable street furniture like a sturdy bench or railing is generally going to be the safest option.

In addition to making your bike more secure, the more time and effort seemingly required to steal your bicycle will often prevent theft. Combining a secure U-lock to secure the frame with a sturdy chain or reinforced cable lock for the wheels is a popular option and enough to deter opportunistic thieves, leaving them searching for an easier target.

Don’t forget to enjoy your bike, and get out and have fun. If you’re thinking about wanting to use it more, and looking for mountain bike coaching in the UK, then get in touch.

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