Balance and coordination are so important, as we get older we tend to lose our ability to balance and coordinate movements effectively. We spend our lives running around in shoes which give support to your foot, let your feet out of your shoes and try this simple balance workout at home.

This 5 minute balance video gives you some ideas on how you can work on your balance at home each day, only 5 minutes a day! Will you take my balance challenge? Let me know how you are getting on over on my Facebook channel.

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My Pilates workouts start off with easy levels and increase in difficulty, please adapt and use the levels that are right for you. Reduce the range of movement or number of reps if you find it too hard. These are a great addition to one of my weekly Pilates classes. 

What is Pilates?

Pilates builds functional strength, this means building strength throughout your body without compromising flexibility, and therefore good alignment and posture. It is a holistic fitness program which incorporates both eastern and western thinking. It requires you to focus on individual muscles and this added focus and concentration helps to create that mindful connection from your brain to your body. Unlike many exercises which target the superficial muscles, Pilates goes deeper starting with your core muscles and working out creating a strong and supple body.