Following the Government’s latest response to Covid-19, it is with great sadness, I must advise that all Pilates classes are suspended from next Monday 23rd March. I hope to run the next three days worth of classes but please get in touch if you are not attending so I can check numbers.

Don’t panic though! I have a new timetable of online classes that you can join from the comfort of your own home. Yes, it will be different, but the alternative is losing the hard work and dedication you have put into making your body stronger, more flexible and fitter.
I know what I would choose.

We also all know that sitting at home on our bums is not good for us, so I invite you to join me online, live from Monday 23rd March. I will be running two live online classes a day from my private Beyond the Studio Live group.

Don’t have a Facebook account? I have created an online tutorial on how to set up a super secure Facebook page so you can join in! Please let me know if you have any questions or queries on this. I can also email workouts as an alternative should you wish! Click here to watch the video

I have also added a video on how to join the group and join the online live classes. Click here to watch how to join my page and group on facebook.

To avoid confusion, I am going to freeze everyone’s ‘real’ class payments from Monday 23rd March, so your ‘virtual classes and real classes are not linked.

I have come up with two packages, please let me know by email if you would like to sign up to either of these.

Package one:

  • 2 live classes a day – one morning one evening – timetable coming tomorrow.
  • Exercises you can do whilst out walking
  • Weekly Pilates challenges
  • Polls
  • Prizes
  • Positive lifestyle tips
  • One filmed class a week
  • Outdoor classes (providing this is allowed from April, should we still be in this situation)
  • Weekly roll call and accountability to keep us all motivated and exercising
  • Outdoor celebration, Pilates picnic in the park once we can celebrate the beginning of our new ‘real’ classes restarting

Package one is £28 a month (That’s £1 a day, 50p a class, should you embrace all of them! :))

Package two you will get all the above plus:

  • One to one postural assessment and plan for helping you improve your posture
  • Send me videos of you doing a class and I will give feedback and correction
  • One to one virtual class once a week via skype
  • 24/7 what’s app support
  • First ‘real’ class back is free

Package two is £40 a month

I know how important these classes are for us all and can only hope – optimistically! (along with the rest of the country) that we return to normality soon. Until then I am doing my best to keep us all active and healthy.

I hope you will join me, and we can embrace this new adventure together!
I am here if you need to talk through anything and keen to help you get online and join my classes and stay connected during the next few months. In times like these we really need our community, my wish is that we take our ‘real’ class spirit online!