One Life iD is a functional, affordable and aesthetically simple identification bracelet. The bracelet incorporates a silicon strap in a variety of different colours which is easily cut to wrist size and then secured with a stainless steel clasp.

The stainless steel tag is engraved with a unique QR Code, webpage link (URL) and PIN to allow access to the user’s online OneLife iD profile and emergency details to be shown if they are in need of help.

One Life ID

Each bracelet is linked to your online One Life profile which has information like your ICE (in case of emergency) numbers and any allergies you may have. The bracelet is similar to that of a medic alert bracelet but with a dash more style!

The bracelets durable materials are tough wearing which is great for an active lifestyle you can put this bracelet on and feel safe in the knowledge that should something happen to you, your emergency contact details are a click away for any one to access.

However recently I went snowboarding and found out that with wrist guards on you cannot wear the bracelet something I hadn’t thought about. Looking at the One Life iD product range this is easily solved by buying the necklace version.

One Life iD for me is all about peace of mind when I am training. Being a cyclist I often train alone either out in the woods or on long country roads so knowing that my emergency contact details are on my wrist puts my mind at ease and allows me to train hard without worrying about getting into trouble. Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel invincible, this is no magic bracelet and I am still cautious when training alone but it gives a certain peace of mind which helps me to concentrate on training.

As well as ID, One Life do a range of tags which can be attached to kit in case it’s lost, these are great and I attached them to everything, the durable plastic makes then mud, water and oil proof! As a cross country mountain biker my kit gets doused in everything the elements throw at it so knowing I have tough durable tags labelling it as mine is great in case I ever miss place something.

Carrying an ID bracelet with contact details if you are into outdoor sports is a really good idea especially if you are doing sports where the risk factor is higher. I would recommend One Life iD to anyone who is looking to take part in outdoor sports.

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Happy Adventuring!