The pressure of moving house has really impacted on my training and in the last three weeks ive missed two races including the national championship race and hardly sat on my bike for more than 30 minutes!

Martyn and I are now finally settled in our first home together and ready for the challenge of renovating! I do wonder sometimes how im going to manage renovating, working, coaching and training but where there’s a will there’s a way!

The decision to not train over the last couple of weeks has been really hard I feel guilty for not training but with so much going on my body started to show signs that it needed a break from the pressure before it cracked.

I am now feeling more settled and having unpacked most of our stuff the house is starting to feel more like a home and so I feel comfortable enough to start training again and not feel like there is loads of other jobs to do on top of that.

Training started with a bang yesterday. A tempo session for two hours, after 20 minutes I wondered how I could even ride for two hours let along at any pace. Luckily it did get easier and I finished my two hours feeling good for achieving something I had felt was impossible.

After uploading my results to training peaks it’s clear to see that my time spent at tempo was low compared to what I’m capable of. This I aim to change.

I think this break has made me rethink my priorities it is really important when you have such a small focus to sometimes step back and see if that still sits with your values and I believe that training and racing does still belong as a big part of my life, however I would like to keep challenging myself. Part of this development has been moving from cross country to longer endurance rides which so far seem to suit me.

My next focus race is now the Scott MTB Mega Marathon at the start of August. After this I will be preparing for Torq 12:12 and taking it on solo!

Wish me luck…

Thanks to all my sponsors and support network I couldn’t do it without you. x