Whether you’re doing casual trail riding or racing, you’re bound to encounter some steep descents. Being able to not only ride but enjoy your ride on steeper terrain is a real game changer!⁠ ⁠

How to:⁠
1. First things first pick a day when you’re feeling good, have a nice warm up and then head to somewhere steep, ideally with friends so you can spot each other.⁠
2. Start in your ‘attack or ready’ position.⁠
3. Remain relaxed and roll into the descent looking where you want to go, not at the scary root/rock or drop!⁠
4. A roiling wheel is more stable so don’t grab your brakes instead sponge them lightly to maintain a speed you feel comfortable with.⁠
5. Keep yourself pointing down the trail – On bumpy terrain the bike will move around, keep your body pointing down and in the middle of the bike, let the bike float underneath you.⁠ ⁠ Start on smaller slopes and work up to steeper terrain.

Each week we will bring you a new trail tip that you can put into practise in your own time when out riding your mountain bike. We hope you find these coaching tips helpful. Get in touch if you have a specific skill you would like to improve on.