Rock gardens may seem scary at first, but get them right and they can be a whole lot of fun.⁠ ⁠

How to:⁠

1. Approach at a brisk walk/jogging pace, in the ready or attache position.⁠

2. Look for the smoothest line through the rocks.⁠

3. Keep your upper body loose, avoid ‘death grip’ and let your forks pump through the rocks with bent elbows.⁠ Bend your knees and bring your centre of gravity lower over the centre of the bike.⁠

4. Spot your exit and keep your momentum , this helps the bike glide over the rocks.⁠ ⁠

Watch a short video on one of our clients taking on a rock garden.

Each week we will bring you a new trail tip that you can put into practise in your own time when out riding your mountain bike. We hope you find these coaching tips helpful. Get in touch if you have a specific skill you would like to improve on.