As the leaves cover the ground and riding conditions become somewhat soggy it is important to look after your bike.

Yes I know when you get home a cuppa and hot steamy shower sound tempting but if you want your bike to be in tip top condition and ready for your next session you need to give it some TLC before you tend to yourself!

Here are my tips for keeping your bike rolling over the winter.Winter Riding

First of all you will need to buy some Duck Smart bike cleaner I recommend the Earth Mover as it cuts through the grime quickly, smells nice and is biodegradable.

Duck Smart

You will also need an old towel which you can cut into piece (leggings, t-shirts and old tea towels are great alternatives)! A scrubbing brush from somewhere like Morrison’s and also an old sock or two!IMG_1718

  1. Start by wetting your bike frame being careful not to get too much water around the joints
  2. Spray on the Duck Smart, all over the frame, chain and cassette 
  3. Go flick the kettle
  4. Lightly use the scrubby brush alongside the hose to wash off the grit and grime again being careful not to get too much water in your bikes joints
  5. Now use the scrubby brush on your cassette and chain to remove and grit and grime still left behind
  6. Turn your bike upside down and check the jocky wheels for grit
  7. Dry your frame with the towelwinter training
  8. Use a sock to dry around the seals in your forksdrying your forks
  9. Use a different cloth to clean your brake rotors
  10. The final sock should be used to wipe over your chainchain cleaning
  11. Use a wet lubricant to oil the joints in your chain and leave to soak in. I like Muc-Off wet lube the colour makes it easy to see when it has soaked into the jointsMuc-Off Chain Lube
  12. After about 15 mins go back and remove as much oil as possible from your chain with the sock, a good tip is when you run your figure over it your figure should come away pretty clean and not caked in oil

So there you go that is my wet weather clean routine. Before you get out and ride this winter it is a good plan to make sure your bike has had a good service if you live around Hampshire Bike Fixers Portsmouth is a great place to go to make sure your bike is ready for winter riding.

Happy Riding x