The alps was incredible, I never expected it to be so hard to return to normality after the race but it has been tough!

Puppy’s make life better

In late August Luna burst into our lives and for a while my world was consumed with puppy duties, which took my mind off the way I was feeling and having to deal with it.


Luna is super cute and I am delighted at being a dog owner and cannot wait for her to join me on long rides and walks. For now though she can’t have too much exercise and is more interested in chewing than running!

At 17 weeks old we have started on mini adventures, which so far have been great fun and she has helped me get back outside and reconnect with my love of the outdoors. It also means I’m back to being able to train and deal with the way I have been feeling.


Since coming back from the alps, life has not been ‘normal’, I have not been able to get ‘my head in the game’ so to speak and have been feeling anxious about what comes next and not satisfied with ‘normal’, I want to drive myself forward and challenge myself to pursue new adventures. But the motivation has been lacking…. At times it has felt like I’m a spectator of my own life, like I’m in a bubble looking down knowing what I want to and should be doing , but not quite having the control to be able to make it happen.

It was a relief in a way to stumble across a podcast series called Tough Girl which shares the stories of some amazing women doing incredible things! A lot of these women also talked about this post ‘adventure blues’ which is certainly how I have felt. It’s a great series and well worth checking out.

The people around me have been super supportive and everyone keeps saying to rest and let myself recover and figure it out. However, exercise has always been my stress reviler so sitting at home watching the TV and eating cake doesn’t help my mood or state of mind if anything it makes it worse.

I don’t think there is an easy way to deal with this post race blues feeling apart from keep trying to climb out the other side and that is exactly what I am going to keep trying to do.