Last weekend my Mum came to stay and introduced me to my new favourite kitchen item, the spiralizer!

I have been having spiral vegetables in all my salads for lunch. Grilled chicken, spiralled carrot, cucumber, chopped pepper and cherry tomatoes on top of cous cous and red split bulgar wheat is a healthy lunch dream!

Healthy eating can seem like a bit of a mine field one day sugar is the enemy and the next it’s fat. My thoughts are that you should eat a variety of foods in all the colours of the rainbow, stay away from processed, unnatural looking products and make sure you pack loads of vegetables and protein into your diet.

As an endurance athlete carbs are my best friend! So I can’t cut them out, I tried a reduced carb diet whisky training for the Trans Alp Bike Race, but it made me crave sugar so now I reduce carbs slightly (like no carbs at lunch) on non-training days. The rest of the time I eat wholewheat pasta, rice and bread to make sure I am refilling my glycogen stores and can push myself in training knowing their is enough fuel in the tank.

Tonight I made courgetti and wanted to share with you this super quick, super healthy dinner idea.


  • Courgettes
  • Spinach Tagliatelle
  • Fish cake / Salmon
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Lemon
  • Pepper
  • Garlic


  • I cheated and brought Thai fish cakes from Morrison’s – pop those or your alternative in the oven at the temperature on the packet
  • Get your spiralizer out and chop your courgette, then create the spirals, put to the side
  • Put on your tagliatelle
  • Squeeze one lemon into a frying pan with a dash of pepper and garlic
  • Put your cherry tomes in the oven
  • Once your fish cake/ salmon is done turn off the oven and your pasta
  • Add your courgette to the warm lemon juice and cook until soft – add pepper to taste

    Let me know what you think, happy cooking!