Unwrapping another product from Giant I was excited about trying my new Jersey. Being a girl clothes are always welcome and from past experience when they come from Giant there going to be practical, stylish and comfortable.

Giant Jersey

My new red and black women’s fit Giant/Liv jersey did not disappoint.

It fits well with a good half zip which is low enough to ventilate but not too revealing. The back is longer than the front to give more protection from spray and mud from the back wheel and to stop the jersey riding up this is a real bonus, it could do with a silicon insert to keep the jersey from riding up at the back.

photo 2

The red and black is a great combination and great for mountain biking as it’s a rather muddy sport sometimes especially in the UK and the dark colours wash well and hide the dirt! It also washes really well and keeps it’s colour. 

On the back there are three small pockets handy for gloves, inner tubes and a snack. A good addition would of been good to have a small zipped pocket for car keys or mobile phone as these are the two things I’m always paranoid about loosing, not being in a zipped pocket I spend a a lot of time reaching round with one hand to check they are still there after each bit of single track instead of concentrating on my ride. 

The high vis strip across the top of the pockets is a good idea and a nice touch.

photo 1

The jersey wicks away the sweat from your skin quickly and stays dry. The fit is snug without being too tight I have warn it with a base layer underneath and it works really well as the sleeves and body still have room to manoeuvre and steer without restriction.

I have really enjoyed my Giant/Liv jersey and would recommend them to any female cyclists whether your passion is on or off road Giant provide a great stylish product that is comfortable to wear and easy to look after.

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