This month I have been testing the Giant Illuminator Combo light set. The first thing you notice about these lights is how small they are they can easily be fitted in a pocket of a jacket for safe keeping when you don’t want them on your bike.


These bright LED front and rear bike lights come with batteries and take a matter of minutes to attach to any bike with a simple to use mechanism which attaches the lights firmly to the bike. The only issue with this system is if you are transferring your lights between bikes it is a hassle to keep undoing all the screws to take them on and off, compared with some lights that have heavy duty rubber bands which hold them firmly in place but make the lights easily transferable between bikes. However retailing at £15.99 these lights are excellent value for money and if you are lucky enough to have two bikes, you could just buy two sets.

The front light has two settings flashing and steady beams both of these are very bright and the steady beam gives a good area of light coverage. The backlight has four different modes, steady and three different flashing modes. The backlight also comes with a handy clip that is great for attaching the light to a bag allowing you to have two backlights for added safety. As a bike commuter in a city I would recommend this option, having the ability to attach a light to a bag is a great addition to the lights functionality.

These lights provide ample light for on the road and even dusky rides off road. However for off road night rides I would recommend a much more powerful light to give you maximum light coverage.

Overall these lights are brilliant for the price, they work well are easy to use and have a long battery life.

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