Four years ago I started Pedal 2 Pedal to help the next generation of mountain bikers have access to coaching in my local area, Petersfield. There was no cycling club within about 40 minutes of Petersfield and I wanted to help give back to the sport which had given me so much. So after doing my coaching qualifications Pedal 2 Pedal was born. I advertised in local schools in the Hampshire area and soon enough had my first six week cycling course off the ground.

Four years on and the club has expanded to a mountain bike academy of 20 riders and in 2017 a new Saturday club which aims to give young people the opportunity to get into cycling whatever their age or ability.

The Saturday club sessions have run once a month with the help of two parents who have done their coaching qualifications, some Saturday’s between the three of us there has been 27 children aged between 4 and 10. The first round of Saturday’s has just finished and the feedback has been fantastic.  New dates available now.

My aim is to build the Saturday cycling club so that it can be sustainable and help more young riders get into and try cycle sport. With the aim of becoming a Go Ride cycling club once the structure and support is in place.

One parent said: “Sam has attended the Saturday camps Hannah has set up at Petersfield School. They have been well organised and are teaching him basic skills in a safe and fun environment. He has loved every moment of the classes and it’s been great to see him grow in confidence on his bike and apply what he has learnt when cycling elsewhere.”

Cycling is a great sport for young people as its non-weight bearing and helps get kids outdoors and active.

Some of the general benefits provided by cycling are:

  • It helps kids understand their local environment and feel part of it sustaining and looking after the area in which they live
  • It helps build independence
  • It develops muscle strength
  • It has also been reported by many teachers that kids who walk or cycle to school are more alert and ready to learn than those arriving by car
  • A good healthy habit that lasts a lifetime
  • Cyclists breathe in less pollution from traffic as compared to car drivers
  • Being part of a team and learning good social skills with other people

I hope my cycle coaching can go on to encourage more young riders on to their bikes. My next goal run some women’s cycling sessions both on and off-road. Message me if you’re interested

Thanks for reading x