Over the Easter holidays we were delighted to welcome over 50 children to our camps. Using the new ITAG framework which we helped design each group from beginners to advance level riders worked on their trail skills and bike handling working towards the new ITAG grades.

Each ‘grade’ is achieved by the riders being able to do six skills, these skills are tailored to suit the grade of the trail the rider can then complete safely. At the end of each grade the riders get a band which shows the colour trail they are now ready to safely negotiate.

Over Easter we awarded several beginner (green) trail bands and a few learner (yellow) bands too. The idea of the grades is to help riders understand what they need to focus on to become better as they have a clear pathway to follow.,It also helps coaches know what riders should be able to achieve already in a competent manner.

If you would like to join us this May our bookings are now open.