On Saturday I braved the wind and rain to take part in my Breeze level one ride leadership award. British Cycling’s Breeze campaign is to get more women into riding bikes for fun, the aim is to help women to feel confident and comfortable about riding bikes.

I decided as biking has opened so many doors for me that I would like to volunteer some of my time to help get other ladies on to their bikes! The training took part over the course of a day and incorporated class room lectures with out door practical sessions. It was fun and informative and was a great introduction to the sort of rides i could expect to run as a Breeze champion. I met lots of other Breeze ride leaders and it was a fantastic opportunity to network and build a base of riding buddies.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a ride leader and getting more women out on their bikes contact the Breeze network.

I will be running Breeze rides from April 2014 from Petersfield and the surrounding area please contact me if you are interested in joining h.attenburrow@gmail.com. Rides will be tailored to ability and can be off road or on road.

Happy Cycling!

Breeze Ride Leader Award