If like many people, you’ve made your new year resolutions to get outdoors more, get more exercise, and get fitter and happier in 2020, then there’s no better way for the whole family than taking up mountain biking. There are mountain bike coaching centres in the UK and wales, and it’s so beneficial for your health.

It’s easy to stay at home, warm and wrapped up in winter, but it’s much better to encourage your family to head outdoors, get some fresh air, and share an adventure!

Biking is shown to improve your heart health, and vastly improve your cardiovascular fitness. Mountain biking uses a large muscle groups that require a lot of oxygen, forcing your heart to work steadily, improving your heart health by 3 – 7 per cent.

Cycling is much less stress on your joints than running, and mountain biking is a low impact sport. You’ll get a complete workout with fewer risks of injury with other higher impact activities.

Regular moderate exercise will boost your immune system, keep you healthy, and ward off all those winter colds and flu. Exercise will also release endorphins, which are the body’s way of feeling good and getting more energy, and also boosts serotonin which helps prevent depression and anxiety.

The act of cycling downhill on rough terrain helps increase your balance, reinforces muscle memory, and improves coordination. Mountain biking gives a whole body workout, as opposed to mostly just legs with other cycling.

It’s also very social, and a great opportunity to get yourself in to nature, fresh air, and most importantly, it’s extremely good fun! Get in touch today if you want to know more about mountain bike coaching in the UK.