When my off season began I was really excited about trying new things and eating cake! I had lots of plans to go swimming, running and even a bit of sailing whilst I recovered form cycling. As with all plans some of these for one reason or another never got off the ground.

I did however try running. I used to run at school (way back!) and thought it would be an easy way to get some exercise. I found running really hard my first run, which was probably too long was 40 minutes of absolute hell! My shins hurt, my achillies hurt and listening to music i felt disconnected from the world around me.

I decided to try again, so a few days later I laced up my trainers and headed off this time my play list was actually motivating and I found myself running faster and even did some lunges too! Although my legs ached I decided this was probably normal for a non runner and carried on.

I have found it hard not having a reason to go out on my bike and have only been out with friends which was great a usually I do so much riding alone, it was nice to share adventures with others, this is something I want to continue to do!


It was also nice getting out and exploring new places with no agenda, when training I am so focused on what my heart rate should be that sometimes I miss out on the enjoyment of riding my bike. It has be great to get this back and take my time and enjoy the views.

Looking out over Chichester

My coach and I have been working out my training timetable looking ahead to my races next year. It is going to be hard to fit everything in but I am determined to make it work.

So after a month off I am officially back in training! Not the best start to my training plan as im blown over by a cold second week in!

Ill keep you posted on how its going!