Workplace Pilates

Pilates is an excellent enhancement to any corporate wellness initiative and can help motivate employees to lead healthier lifestyles. Studies show a healthy employee is a happy employee and many companies now recognise the health benefits that can be gained through providing fitness training for their employees. Poor posture, sitting or standing, can result in a variety of back, leg and foot problems and can lead to costly absenteeism.

I can provide workplace Pilates before, during or after work around Portsmouth and Chichester.

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Pilates exercises combine muscle strength with good posture; they lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscular imbalances due to bad alignment or misuse of muscles and alleviate tension.

I would like to help empower your employees to take action during their day and spend 45 minutes/ an hour in a Pilates class to help them relax and strengthen their bodies. Pilates is ideal for office environments and can be practised by almost anyone and done almost anywhere, space permitting. Improved fitness doesn’t happen overnight and for this reason corporate Pilates sessions are booked in blocks of 8.

I can come and coach morning workouts which will wake the body up and prepare staff for challenges of the day ahead, releasing those all-important endorphins. The Pilates exercises will also stimulate the body and get the muscles ready for work. Class slot available as early as 6am.

Or, I can offer Pilates during a lunch break which is an effective way to work all the muscles that have been inactive during the morning. It will also prepare the body and mind to return to work with extra vigour and a feeling of motivation and focus. This will help your employees avoid that midday slump with forty-five minutes of focused, calming exercises that will provide them with a renewed approach to the rest of the working day. After work classes also available on request until 8pm.

Options are available for employee contributory or non-contributory classes.

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  • Pilates classes – suitable for all abilities and ages (all equipment is provided)


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