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My blog is the platform on which I started my journey beyond the mud. Outdoor sport has taken me to some amazing places and taught me a huge amount about myself. It has helped me push my mind and body out of my comfort zone and driven me to achieve far more than I ever thought possible, I am enjoying the ride to discover more about myself and encourage others to get outdoors, beyond the mud.

As a professional writer, I have written for a variety of magazines including Outdoor Fitness, Outdoor Enthusiast, Total Women’s Cycling, IMB Magazine and Sport Sister.

Please get in touch with any ideas on how we can work together.

Pivot 24:12 – The ups and downs of 24 hours solo

Mud bath. Just about covers the weather for my first ever 24 hour solo race. Pivot 24:12 is based at Newnham Park in Plymouth, an old mountain bike cross-country course I have ridden sections of [...]

Pre Pivot 24:12 solo 24 hour race prep

On Saturday I will be racing 24 hours solo in the Pivot 24:12 at Newnham Park in Plymouth. I am not sure physically or mentally if my body is ready for what I am about [...]