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My blog is the platform on which I started my journey beyond the mud. Outdoor sport has taken me to some amazing places and taught me a huge amount about myself. It has helped me push my mind and body out of my comfort zone and driven me to achieve far more than I ever thought possible, I am enjoying the ride to discover more about myself and encourage others to get outdoors, beyond the mud.

As a professional writer, I have written for a variety of magazines including Outdoor Fitness, Outdoor Enthusiast, Total Women’s Cycling, IMB Magazine and Sport Sister.

Please get in touch with any ideas on how we can work together.

Top British Climbing – Indoor and Outdoor

Georgina’s top climbing spots in the UK: Obviously, the ‘best’ climbing is subjective. Climbing styles and abilities vary from person to person. But for those searching for some recommendations of places to check out, here [...]

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It’s almost time for Autumn to say farewell and Winter to rock on!

Winter riding doesn’t have to be a frosty affair it can be good fun and very beautiful especially if you are prepared. “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail” My advice would be [...]

Great Glen Paddleboarding – Guest blog Helen Reed

Hi folks! Here is the second in my guest blog series from Helen Read. Helen was always really active as a youngster, getting involved in anything and everything she could, but lost the outdoors [...]