A nutty adventure on the South Downs

A nutty adventure on the South Downs

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. The leaves are slowly changing, flushing with reds and oranges before making the leap to the forest floor. Each time I go out walking with Luna the landscape has changed. The forest becomes lighter as the leaves fall and reveal the cloudy sky above. The conifers stand smug keeping their needles and lush colour whilst the trees stand exposed to the elements.

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending a day outdoors with some fantastic people. Whole Earth Foods and Sophie Radcliffe invited me on an adventure along the South Downs. Starting at Harting Down we walked along a section of the South Downs way, before heading to the magical Adhurst Yurts where we went exploring the vast forest full of different types of trees some with and some without their leaves. It was like stepping into a fairy tale as we collected firewood from the dense forest ready to build our camp fire.

As Jayne and I built the fire Sophie, Katie and Chep cooked in a Safari kitchen outdoors. Dinner was served as the sun disappeared from view a heart and soul warming bowl of butternut squash and chick pea curry with a special dash of peanut butter, you must try it!

A camp fire would not be complete without marshmallows and we were in for a treat as Sophie shared her favourite camping snack of sliced apple and peanut butter s’mores it was like a sticky warming hug with a zing of fresh apple and lashings of peanut butter, what a great way to end the day, it had been an awesome adventure in the woods.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

Thank you Whole Earth and Sophie for inviting me.


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